Mission and Vision

At Poiema of Grace it is our mission to spread the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior with the world! We decided to create a line of apparel that did just that in a very fashionable and chic, modern way! Our stuff are definite conversation starters and icebreakers that can very well lead to evangelism and sharing our very own testimonies with others. We never know who's life can be changed as a result of you wearing scripture on your clothing. We wanted to design a brand that was powerful and stood for something important. We don't believe in empty brands and we want to give back and partner with other churches or non- profit organizations to fund mission trips to continue to share the good news and spread the gospel. We also fundraise for a variety of different causes, such as raising funds for autism, feeding the hungry, Youth for Christ, and any cause that helps us love our neighbor.